The advantages of studying Spanish in Spain, specifically in the city of Seville

Spanish is the third most popular language on the Internet and the second most popular language on the world’s two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, between 2000 and 2011, the use of Spanish on the Internet increased by 807.4%, and of the 285 languages in which Wikipedia’s contents are presently published, Spanish ranks fifth in terms of visitors. The ability to communicate in Spanish can open numerous doors to new work and business prospects.

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Many jobs necessitate the knowledge of Spanish as a second language. It is feasible to converse in various languages in the worldwide world in which we live, and this will increase your value. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of studying Spanish in Spain specifically in the city of Seville.

Why should you choose Seville?

  1. A safe Place

One of the major advantages of studying Spanish in the city of Seville is that it ensures the safety of the people residing there. Seville is a tranquil and quiet city with a low crime rate. It is one of the cities in the world with the lowest crime rate, making it ideal for any High School programme abroad. People in Seville like spending time outside, and you will always feel comfortable going across the city at any time of day or night.

  1. Taking your Spanish to the next level

If you want to learn Spanish in high school and at least get close to fluency, a Spanish language immersion programme in Seville is the best summer abroad alternative. There is no greater way to learn a language than to live in the nation where it was developed. Furthermore, it’s a lot more fun to use your language abilities to order a tortilla de Patatas in Seville or ask for a “helado de fresa” on the Mediterranean Sea’s shore than it is to memorize vocab lists in class. Plus, when you return to school next year, your peers and Spanish teacher will be blown away.

  1. Provision of more opportunities

Another major advantage of studying Spanish in the city of Seville is that it provides you with numerous opportunities. There are many different types of wonderful programmes to pick from. From High School Exchange Programs in which you attend a Spanish high school and stay with a Spanish Host Family for several weeks to a full school year, you can earn credits toward your diploma. Spanish Immersion Programs with a variety of Spanish classes for all levels, as well as educational tours to see the country; or you can take advantage of your vacation time and look for a Summer Program that includes everything, including Spanish classes, full Homestay Spanish immersion, adventure travel to see the country, and a variety of cultural activities that will immerse you in the local Spanish culture.

  1. For young people, it is a fun city to visit.

Hundreds of students from Europe, Spain and other parts of the world attend the University of Seville, which is a substantial component of the city. The youthful environment is alive and well, with plenty of locations and activities for young people to partake in. Because Sevillians are quite open and enjoy partying, you’ll witness large groups of young people all over the city throughout your high school study in Spain.

Besides the above mentioned advantages, the city of Seville has the most amazing people residing in. You will literally see everyone around you smiling all the time. The city has a very rich culture and history. This will make learning Spanish more pleasant.

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