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We offer independent and comparable profiles for many schools on the site, that specifically meet the needs of international pupils and you will find below the criteria we use to select the schools we feature.

We also offer a free consultancy service to parents to help find exactly the right match for your child. Each child is different and we will help review many schools to make sure that those we present to you are objectively the best fit for your child. We will ask questions to clarify the things that really matter to you and your child about their UK education experience and then get to work!

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Learning gives each and every one of us the opportunity to nurture our talents and reach our full intellectual and creative potential, enabling us to take control of our own lives, reach our personal goals and ultimately, find happiness. exists to help people achieve their goals through learning, by understanding their circumstances and aspirations, accompanying them on the education pathway and celebrating together the accumulative and shared value of learning in our ever-changing world.

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