Cashee, best Digital banking & VISA card designed for teens

Cashee, best Digital banking & VISA card designed for teens

Cashee, best Digital banking & VISA card designed for teens

In the United Arab Emirates, Cashee is a digital banking and financial education platform for teenagers. Through an engaging experience and Cashee’s upcoming ed-tech content, Cashee intends to empower youth to make their own financial decisions and learn about money management. Cashee encourages teens to develop good money management practices today so that they can grow into financially responsible adults later. For teenagers, Cashee offers a free banking app as well as prepaid cards. In the United Arab Emirates, it will be available soon.

Teen accounts are available to anyone aged 13 to 21 who have a valid UAE Emirates ID. Teen accounts are distinct from parent accounts and function as a separate savings, earning, and spending account for all intents and purposes. A parent must “sponsor” a teenager in Cashee. Because people under the age of 18 are considered minors in the UAE, this is a legal requirement. In the Cashee platform, a parent account is a Cashee account that your parent owns. In order to register, parents must have a valid Emirates ID. In the UAE, Cashee is leading the OECD Global Money Week programme for 2022. The OECD has approved Cashee, a teen banking platform for the MENA region, to represent the UAE at the Global Money Week. Global Money Week is a global awareness-raising effort aimed at ensuring that young people are financially conscious and have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to make healthy financial decisions.

Teen banking has now become more convenient with Cashee. It enables teens to earn, spend and save in their own way. There are numerous reasons why teen love Cashee. Firstly, because it is 100% safe. Secondly, you will get a personalized VISA card that you can offline or online. It allows you to pick a design and get your own personalized card. With Cashee teen banking digital money management has become easier. You can easily track your earnings and savings.

Easily keep track of all of your income, savings, and expenses in one app. The Cashee app enables to check the balance online. The VISA card you get can be used anywhere. With this app you can also purchase things online. The greatest feature of the app is that it gives you real-time notifications about your spending. Another feature of this app is that it helps you set saving goals. You can simply allocate money to saving goal and keep a track of your saving goal progress. The app also enables you to earn some extra money. You need to complete the tasks given if you want to make extra money. Once the task is completed, you will get real money in no time.

Cashee’s Referral Program allows you to suggest Cashee to your friends and receive AED 10 each time they successfully register. Each time a friend registers successfully using your code, you will receive AED 10.00. Keep track of your earnings in the app and prepare to spend or save when they become available.

Cashee Tech FZE is a technology company that provides youths in the UAE with a Visa prepaid card and banking app. The goal is to enhance financial awareness among teenagers by providing them with their own digital banking platform and VISA card at the age of 13. Cashee Cards will be issuing Prepaid Cards that are internationally recognized. Cashee takes safety extremely seriously, and all of its operations are conducted in strict accordance with the UAE’s local laws, standards, criteria, directives, and conditions. It also takes extra precautions to assess risk across all of its platforms and maintains continual backups and firewalls to keep its data secure at all times.

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