What is Chiromassage?

What is Chiromassage?

Do you know the Chiromassage?

The Chiromassage is a old massage technique, original from Spain

Can chiromassage help you?

Chiromassage has been the best option to maintain health and wellbeing and the benefits of this practice are evident in the patients that we have treated.

ChiroMassage: A Blend of Traditional Manual Manipulation and Advanced Therapeutic Massage

This massage technique (Chiromassage) has been a good alternative to cure illnesses other than the approaches of conventional medicine.

A style of massage, Chiromassage is a hands-on treatment that will relieve tense muscle while improving joint movement. The therapist will use a clinical approach to diagnose and treat the affected areas. Chiromassage is a relaxing experience where pain will be relieved and body mobility increased.

  • Chiromassage have helped many people to get relief from neck pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder and elbow pain.
  • Chiromassage is a preventive therapeutic massage of the all body, included the face, neck and chest areas.
  • Chiromassage stimulate the main body systems responsible for healthy and good appearance.
  • Chiromassage Relaxes the nervous system and boosts stress.
  • Chiromassage Skin benefits: removes the horny layer, accelerates new cell production and promotes skin elasticity.
  • Chiromassage Vascular and lymphatic system benefits: restores a healthy colour of the skin, decreases swelling and removes accumulated toxins.
  • Chiromassage Muscular system benefits: increases or reduces the muscular tone, as necessary, prevents new wrinkles and reduces the depth of the existing wrinkles.

Original courses of Chiromassage techniques in Spain: Courses of chiromassage

August Brauer

Studied in Chiromassage, Naturopathy, massage and manual therapy at the Escuela Europea Parasanitaria (European Health Related School), in Spain and Germany

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