Distance Education in Universities in Canada

For some students, distance education is preferable to on-campus, in-person education. There are several reasons to enroll in distance education. Often it is due to geography…you live in a remote or rural area with no convenient access to a post-secondary school. Or perhaps you like to learn at your own pace. Sometimes you have to juggle family, work, and education, and learning from home or at the office on a part-time basis is easier than headed to a classroom as well. Whatever the reason, distance education is very quickly becoming a viable option for many potential students.

There are several drawbacks to distance education. The most obvious is the lack of in-person communication with both the teacher and fellow students. Distance education is suited for students who are independent and self-sufficient, and comfortable working and learning alone. Comfort with computers and the ability to learn new technologies (as many courses are now offered online and thus require the learning of certain types of software) is also preferred for distance education students.

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